Friday, September 16, 2016

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Happy Christmas Day 2016 Ornaments Idea

Merry Christmas day 2016 is on its way and you may have already started looking up for various ornaments that can add charm to your decoration. However, there are tons of ornaments that are available according to your budget but there are various ornaments that simply stand out in the crowd and add elegance and sophistication to your Merry Christmas day 2016 decoration. So, if you have all that money in your bank account, then you can certainly look up for the expensive and classy ornaments that can reflect your status, class, and taste. Besides, it will surely impress your guests and create an inviting appearance. So, take a look at the most expensive Happy Christmas Day 2016 ornament.

Christmas Day 2016 Ornaments Idea

1. Golden Christmas Tree

This is one of the most expensive Happy Christmas Day 2016 ornaments that you will find. This Christmas tree made by jeweler Steve Quick in 2007 is crafted with 5 pounds of 18 karats pure gold. To enhance its beauty, Steve decorated the tree with stunning diamonds and also a 4.25 karat diamond on its top. What’s more, the tree also includes a platinum star that simply enhances its beauty even further. However, this classic golden Happy Christmas Day 2016 tree was auctioned and all the profit was donated to the American cancer society.

 2. Blingiest bauble

Encrusted with 1578 diamonds, this blingiest bauble was crafted by Embee Jewels in collaboration with Hallmark Jewelers. This bauble is further surrounded by two amazing rings that boast 188 rubies. This classy and sophisticated blingiest bauble was auctioned and a small portion of auctioned amount was donated to the National Autism Society.

Christmas Day 2016 Ornaments Idea

3. Christmas Tree Skirt

Have you heard about a Christmas tree skirt? Look up for a Christmas tree skirt this Christmas season that is designed by Jay Strongwater. This golden velvet skirt that is decorated with Swarovski crystals and is also hand embroidered with golden silk thread. Pick up this classic Christmas Tree Skirt at $1650 and decorate your Happy Christmas Day 2016 tree.

 4. Glitzy Nativity Set

This nativity set will remind you of the holiday season and can be an amazing table centerpiece. This glittering nativity set will surely impress your guests and also add beauty to your decoration. Your decoration will be unique this Happy Christmas Day 2016 with this beautiful and elegant nativity set.

 5. Wreath

The floral designer wreath is considered to be the most expensive wreath in the world and is available at $4.6 million. This fancy wreath which is designed by PasiJokinen-Carter is crafted by 3.03 yellow diamonds and 17.49 carat rubies. You really need to find a safe place in your house to hang this million dollar wreath that can grab the attention of every person visiting your house this Happy Christmas Day 2016.

 6. Candles

The Champagne Noir Soy candle designed by Welcome Home Candles is available at $4,995. It is crafted with 38 stunning and glittering diamonds and also 18 karats white gold.These are few most expensive Happy Christmas Day 2016 ornaments that will define royalty and your status. You can also check Happy Christmas Day 2016 gift idea for your sister


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